Green Clinic Health System: Enhancing compliance and care with highly available IT

KACE helped us speed up deployment of the EMR system, which helps doctors diagnose patients more accurately and enhances the overall quality of patient care.

Jason Thomas, CIO and IT Director, Green Clinic

After Green Clinic refreshed its desktop infrastructure to support its new electronic medical records (EMR) system, it needed a way to effectively manage the new machines. Using KACE systems management and deployment appliances, the clinic ensures that the systems are up to date, secure, compliant and available, while saving $20,000 in deployment costs and slashing IT workload by 20 hours a week. A virtual desktop infrastructure and Wyse thin clients further enhances patient care by enabling staff to access electronic medical records anytime, on any device.

  • Enhances patient care by enabling doctors and nurses to access electronic medical records anytime, on any device
  • Reduces costs by automating device deployment and updates, slashing initial EMR deployment costs alone by $20,000
  • Saves IT 20 hours a week on desktop management, freeing time to enhance patient-facing services

  • Enables nurses to work more efficiently so they no longer have to stay late at the clinic

  • Streamlines HIPAA compliance

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