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Metalogix and Avanade Help a Major International Mining Company Save $1.25M on Merger, Acquisition & Divestiture Related Data Migrations and Permissions Management


Success Highlights

  • Migrated 20 TBs of data to the latest Microsoft SharePoint version over a 15-month period
  • Achieved 2GB/Hour On-Premises, 1GB/Hour to O365 Cloud on a 250 mb network
  • Effectively and efficiently transitioned and modified 100+ employee permissions
  • Saved $1.25 M with Metalogix, compared to using other tools and services or migrating manually


Metalogix and Avanade have been working with a leading international mining company headquartered in the United States over the past five years. As one of the world’s largest commodities companies, growth and evolution has come from strategic mergers, acquisitions and divestitures, encompassing disparate content management and collaboration platforms. With more than 30,000 users worldwide, over 400 TBs of data had accumulated over the years.

As with many global organizations, the Company operates a lean IT department. They have been in the process of consolidating enterprise content systems into a single, unified, collaboration platform. This allows for simplicity and ensures that proper content management and security protocols are implemented to protect proprietary intellectual property.

The most recent M&A activity was complex and involved transferring a significant amount of content along with hundreds of employees. Subsequently, the IT department needed to quickly understand where employees were going and what permissions they had. The Company needed to review, modify and migrate hundreds of employees across two global SharePoint instances.

After other companies and tools failed to meet expectations, the Company determined that it needed partners that not only had experience with large, complex migrations, but could also securely manage sensitive content and quickly and easily report on and handle user permission changes.


To assist with these challenges, the Company decided to partner with Avanade and Metalogix. Avanade’s experience with large-scale migrations and SharePoint Platforms coupled with Metalogix’s ControlPoint and Content Matrix tools were essential for success. Metalogix ControlPoint met all the criteria required to identify and manage the permissions of transferring employees. Content Matrix was chosen for its ability to migrate content from both file shares and on-premise SharePoint. Experienced consultants joined the effort and delivered on all requirements within project deadlines.

During a 15-month period, the Company migrated millions of documents and over 20 TB of data from legacy SharePoint versions and file shares to the latest version of SharePoint and Office 365. Avanade consultants familiar with the Company’s business and industry as well as the Metalogix product set helped the company achieve immediate results. Avanade worked with the Company to realize the value of buy versus build in a situation where time was of the essence. In addition to completing the divestiture transition goals, Avanade also trained the Company’s employees on the Content Matrix product set, so the company can continue to derive value out of its purchase over time.

Current calculations estimate that the Company is saving $700,000 to $1,250,000 per year by using Metalogix Content Matrix. Additionally, by being able to perform delta migrations outside of office hours using Content Matrix, there is zero user disruption and human fallibility is avoided. The Company Program Manager stated, “[Metalogix] Content Matrix is one of my favorite employees. It’s extremely reliable and tirelessly does exactly what you ask of it. Our cost, time, and resource savings were monumental.”

In addition to ongoing migrations, Metalogix needed to address user permissions and content management. Following the successful migration experience with Metalogix, the Company confidently turned to Metalogix ControlPoint to administer a comprehensive security and governance strategy.

Understanding and quickly modifying user permissions was mission-critical to the Company’s business needs, and “the project could not have been completed without [Metalogix] ControlPoint,” said the Company Program Manager. “Other solutions do not work; ControlPoint is the best tool available.”

Previously, the Company was challenged to quickly respond to access audit requests. The Company Program Manager stated, “Reporting on employee permissions took multiple weeks and people resources. With [Metalogix] ControlPoint, the reporting only takes one person five minutes to address. Key business users with sensitive sites and content are thrilled to be able to quickly have visibility into permissions for any site or employee.”


The Company found trusted partners in Avanade and Metalogix for their content migration management and information protection. Considering its significant cost, time and personnel savings, the Company Program Manager said, “We saw ROI in less than one year after purchase and implementation of Metalogix Content Matrix and ControlPoint.”

Dependable support: In addition to successful implementation and adoption of Metalogix Content Matrix and ControlPoint, “we love the support team because they are always very responsive.” The Company Program Manager and his team know they can depend on Metalogix and Avanade’s support teams to help 24/7.

Migration speed: Migrated 20 TB of data to the most current version of SharePoint in 15 months. Successful transition of over 100 employees in a few months, with a plan to transition 350 more.

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