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Now Business Intelligence (NBI) Transforms Large Federal Systems Integrator’s Multiple Complex Collaboration Environments with Metalogix

Metalogix was exceptionally supportive throughout this process, adopting some of our input into the product and working with us every step of the way. It was a true collaborative experience that resulted in a very successful first migration phase.

SEAN DONAHUE, SharePoint Migration Architect/Lead, NBI


Now Business Intelligence (NBI) is an innovative information strategies and software solutions firm with a long history of tackling some of the most unique and complex problems of today’s large IT enterprises. Working with leading financial institutions to top military defense contractors, NBI works to maximize client value and efficiency while generating ROI in the millions of dollars resulting in consistent recurring project work. NBI partners with clients to become the technical problem-solving solution that companies consider to be an organic extension to their organization.

Success Highlights

  • Dramatically simplified the migration initiatives for massive 4TB SharePoint 2010 and 5TB EMC eRoom environments
  • Accelerated migration speeds by more than 10x
  • Created the core of a comprehensive SharePoint migration practice based on Metalogix tools


  • Migrate 4TB of SharePoint 2010 data to SharePoint 2013
  • Transform a complex, 5TB EMC eRoom environment to SharePoint 2013
  • Enable the development of custom transformers to adapt eRoom for a more simplified migration process

NBI was contracted to support a large federal system integrator that needed to migrate two enormous collaboration environments. The environments included more than 4TB of data in SharePoint 2010 and as much as 40TB of data housed in EMC eRoom that needed to immediately migrate to SharePoint 2013, with a longer-term plan to adopt Office 365. The project was not only large, but also encompassed disparate content that had been amassed over more than a decade without strict structure policies.

“The client environment was both complex and significant in size,” said Peter Beliakov, IT Solutions, NBI. “To achieve greater manageability, we needed to consolidate their collaboration data that was dispersed across numerous and unrelated platforms, into a Microsoft stack with SharePoint 2013. Managing this process required an efficient and accurate tool, as well as one that would enable better automation and workflow management moving forward.”

As a long-term consultant and trusted advisor, with an over eight-year history of past performance with the large federal system integrator, NBI was again entrusted to find the ideal solution. Initially the consulting team evaluated three vendor solutions that included options from AvePoint, Metalogix and Verinon. The products were evaluated based on features, functionality (i.e., migration speeds) and cost. The clear winner across the board was Metalogix Content Matrix.

“It wasn’t a surprise that Metalogix was victorious during our vendor bake-off, given our successful experience with it in many of our other clients’ organizations, combined with its continuously outstanding market reputation. Still, we like to do our homework and make sure we are always choosing the ideal solution for our clients,” said Sean Donahue, SharePoint Migration Architect / Team Lead, NBI. “Metalogix’s look and feel was much more straight forward, simple and user-friendly than the other products we tested. Although the GUI is much easier to understand and navigate, it was the transformer capability that allowed us to automate the process and increase speeds up to 10x. In addition, the speed of the migration was far superior. Our tests showed Metalogix’s migration speeds at 1.5GB an hour, even on a slower bandwidth network. By comparison, one of the competitive products trickled at well below a GB an hour while the other simply failed altogether. And, Metalogix’s cost was much less, making its ROI unbeatable.”


Metalogix Content Matrix is known as the industry’s most powerful Microsoft SharePoint and Office 365 migration solution. With a robust set of features designed to remove the complexity from SharePoint migrations, Metalogix Content Matrix supports all migration scenarios from basic library, site and farm migrations to more complex scenarios including reorganization and metadata enrichment and transformation.

For its large federal system integrator client, NBI employed Metalogix Content Matrix to seamlessly migrate its SharePoint 2010 site collections to SharePoint 2013. It then began to transform the organization’s massive eRoom site to ready it for the SharePoint 2013 migration as well. With more than a decade of content housed in eRoom, the data needed to first be organized and cleansed. It was decided this would be initially done with a smaller 5TB of data to kick the project off.

“Due to the age and complexity of the data we needed to perform a number of modifications and custom transformers to adapt the eRoom data prior to migration,” said Donahue. “Metalogix was exceptionally supportive throughout this process, adopting some of our input into the product and working with us every step of the way. It was a true collaborative experience that resulted in a very successful first migration phase.”


With the SharePoint 2010 to 2013 migration of 4TB of data complete, and the first phase of the eRoom migration under wraps, NBI and its large federal system integrator client have been exceptionally pleased with the results. Throughout the process, NBI worked closely with Metalogix providing input and feedback that has since been implemented into the current commercial product version. Because of that success, the next phase of the remaining 35TB eRoom migration is planned for next year. Further, NBI has now created its own SharePoint migration practice, using Metalogix solutions at its core.

“What have we learned from this large migration project? No migration is perfect,” said Donahue. “But when you have a great vendor partner like we do with Metalogix you can accomplish great things. We couldn’t have gotten where we are without them.”

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