Zhongtong Information Service: The wisdom of virtual desktop infrastructure

Out IT managers use Foglight for Virtualization to gain a content-rich dashboard which monitors start efficiency, performance speed, application delay and network transition rate for VDI users. They can also analyze this information using simple graph models to determine the underlying factors that influence the user experiences, transforming terminal management from passive to active.

Huang Zhiqing, Project Manager, Zhongtong Information Service

To help drive expansion and increase efficiencies, Zhongtong Information Service looked to replace its traditional PC infrastructure with a cloud-based desktop.

  • Realizes business growth of 31 percent in one month
  • Cuts the costs for managing desktops by 80 percent
  • Increases the efficiency of managing its desktop environment nine-fold
  • Maximizes data protection through secure operating system
  • Optimizes investment long-term through detailed insight into performance

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