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Coca-Cola Bottling Company United enjoys a smooth Notes transition to Office 365

“The weekend cutover went exactly as planned, and our employees were able to come to work on Monday with Office 365 up and running. The migration was seamless and simple and has achieved our primary objective of improving our collaboration systems and staying closely connected and integrated with the other bottlers. We are a growing company and moving to Office 365 with the help of ... and InfraScience has been advantageous for us in many ways.”

-Michael Neighbors, Director for IT, Coca-Cola Bottling Company United

Learn How Coca-Cola Saved Time & Resources

“Coca-Cola Bottling Company United chose Microsoft Office 365 to enable enterprise- level communication technology throughout their facility. Teaming with InfraScience and Microsoft enabled us to help them make the move quickly, without a hitch. We have migrated well over 50 million mailboxes over the span of the last decade, and our solutions accelerate the time to project completion while minimizing the costs and risks of a migration and user disruption.”

Michael Tweddle, executive director, product management

Founded in 1902, CCBCU is one of 200 Coca-Cola bottlers around the world, including 70 bottlers in North America. It is the third largest bottler of Coca-Cola products in the United States. The company was running IBM Notes and Domino, along with Notes applications, but needed to move to a common platform to better align and collaborate with the more than 250,000 contacts in the Coca-Cola family worldwide. Additionally, the company wanted to maintain coexistence with Notes applications, Blackberry support in the cloud, and Microsoft Lync migration from IBM Sametime.

Fast, seamless, migration from IBM Notes to Office 365 accomplished with zero impact to end users

The migration of user mailboxes and 2 terabytes of data to a hybrid Office 365 environment while maintaining coexistence for Notes applications had to be completed over one weekend and ensure no disruption to end user productivity. Working with us, InfraScience and Microsoft, employees finished work on Friday using Notes, and returned on Monday to use Office 365 Outlook. Our automated solutions delivered a significant return on investment, and the migration allowed for a reduced cost of ownership, better uptime and less day-to-day administration. A simple end-user learning curve was an added bonus that saved both time and money for CCBCU.

“ Notes migration tools allowed for a very smooth cut over of over 1,000 CCBCU contacts to Office 365. When employees opened up their mailboxes for the first time after the migration, all their mail was there.”

- Jeff Meyer, CEO, InfraScience

ZeroIMPACT solutions achieve migrations with minimal risk and no disruption to end users

Migrator for Notes to Exchange and Coexistence Manager for Notes are part of our portfolio of ZeroIMPACT migration and consolidation solutions that efficiently move and restructure user accounts, data and systems without impacting users or business productivity. End users remain productive, with full access to mailboxes, calendars, directories, free/busy information and public folders throughout the migration. This seamless coexistence eliminates the need for migration tasks after business hours and also reduces administrator workload.