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Data Democratization Podcasts

For data to be truly useful, data must be trusted, accessible, restorable and governable. As data continues to drive strategic business decisions, the critical nature of data democratization will be discussed across the episodes of this podcast series. David Howell, editor-in-chief of Silicon UK, leads these discussions with Michael O’Donnell, a senior analyst in the Quest data management group and Danny Sandwell, a senior data strategist at Quest.


Episode 1 – The Data Landscape Today

Post-pandemic businesses must do more with the assets they have. A critical asset is data. Join us to discover how your business can embrace data democracy and gain practical insights your enterprise can benefit from today.



EPISODE 2 – Legacy Technology – A Burden and a Vulnerability

Data must be trusted, as strategic business decisions can be based on a single source of truth. And within the security aspect of data democracy, data must be protected from attack.



EPISODE 3 – Management, Trust and Visibility

A data strategy has many components, but a trinity of drivers leads to true data democracy: management, trust and visibility. Businesses must be able to manage the data they have to extract value easily.



EPISODE 4 – In Data we trust?

Even with a single view of truth, why is data often still mistrusted by its users? What is driving this behavior? How can businesses combat this and create a culture where data is trusted and used to based sound business decisions upon?