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Data Dilemma Podcasts

Welcome to the podcast series: The data dilemma: How to become a data-centric enterprise. During these episodes, we address topics surrounding data governance, data operations and data protection. David Howell, editor-in-chief of Silicon UK, leads these discussions with Michael O’Donnell, a senior analyst in the Quest data management group and Danny Sandwell, a senior data strategist at Quest.


Episode 1 – Unlocking the value of data

In this first episode, we ask the question: Is data now a business’s most precious asset? Enterprises already have masses of information and have a tsunami of information flowing into their companies daily. The key to leveraging this information as a core asset is to organize and interrogate datasets to reveal actionable insights. Businesses that can utilize the information they have will lead their industry or market sector.



EPISODE 2 – Data quality imperative: The state of data governance

In this second episode, we will be considering the data quality imperative. Organizations rely on their data more than ever before. From IT and business operations, through strategic decisions, to sales and marketing pipelines, the need for technology professionals to maximize value from their organization’s data continues to elevate in importance.

Data governance encapsulates the policies and procedures necessary to ensure an organization’s data is accurate and the strategies needed to deliver increased visibility, transparency, and control while reducing risk across the entire data estate.



EPISODE 3 – Insights and value, not features

What are the essential components of a data-focused toolset? Many data tools are available, but what benefits, insights and value can choose the right tools to bring to an enterprise as they transform into data businesses?



EPISODE 4 – Resilience and security

Improving resilience and security are priorities for enterprises, none more so than in the context of their data strategies. The pandemic illustrated how sensitive data must be protected as it moves across increasingly remote networks. As businesses become data enterprises, security and resilience are core pillars on which business processes will be built.



EPISODE 5 – How to become a data-centric enterprise

In this episode, we pull the previous themes together. We consider that a ‘data business’ is today. And how enterprises can begin on their journey to becoming more data-centric.