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Is your database modernization in peril?

Fear not! You can be a superhero with Quest. See how our database replication software can provide the power you need.

It is always risky business when migrating a database. But what if you could move your Oracle databases to PostgreSQL in the cloud without losing any data and without downtime? SharePlex® by Quest® lets you migrate databases with almost no downtime and no data loss, so you can meet your operational goals without affecting your business.

Is your database modernization in peril?
The power of SharePlex

The power of SharePlex

Move data from Oracle or PostgreSQL to other platforms, on-premises or in the cloud, to achieve a variety of business goals – with a single, comprehensive data replication tool that’s easy to install and use. Don't forget our award-winning technical support to help defeat any struggles.
PostgreSQL in the cloud

PostgreSQL in the cloud

Simplify your journey to the cloud with a cost-effective, cloud-based database replication and migration solution. From Azure to AWS and OCI, SharePlex for PostgreSQL comes to the rescue.

Customer Stories


I can’t remember the last outage we had due to a database issue. If we see we have an issue on a server, our applications simply failover to a healthy database server and avoid the problem.

Ken Jones Senior Vice President of IT Operations, Read Case Study



SharePlex by Quest

SharePlex - Database replication software for high availability, scalability, and interoperability
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