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How Are DBAs Really Managing Their Data?

Separating the truth from the hype about unstructured data. Organizations now have access to an abundance of unstructured data. And that’s bringing new ways of processing and using that information for better insights and greater business success.

However, as the infographic illustrates, most organizations still focus on managing structured data, and plan to continue to do so. A recent survey of 300 database administrators reveals that:

  • Structured data represents at least 75% of the data being managed for the majority of organizations.
  • 28% of companies don’t actively manage unstructured data.
  • Most organizations don’t use Hadoop or NoSQL, but this may change quickly with support for new analytical use cases.

See the infographic for more information about database management trends – and how to best utilize the insights gained from all types of data sources.

Interested in exploring the full survey results? Download the white paper.


DBA survey Infographic