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Opening doors and creating opportunities with data insights

This tool has been instrumental in giving our leaders, our executives, the information they need so they can see and act differently. It has helped us become a data-driven organization.

Michael Pompey, CIO, Philadelphia Youth Network

The Philadelphia Youth Network (PYN) has provided more than 126,000 jobs for at-risk youths since the charity was founded in 1999. PYN connects the different organizations and funding partners that can help a young person find a job. They needed better data insights so they could more accurately pinpoint inner-city neighborhoods with teens who would benefit from their services. They also needed to extract data for financial planning, invoicing and donor relations. They turned to Toad® Data Point for the insights they needed to optimize their services

Read this case study to see how PYN used Toad Data Point to become a data-driven organization through improved insights.

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