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How to Audit Office 365 and Exchange Online Privileged Operations and Mailbox Access

  • Datum der Aufzeichnung:Nov. 15, 2016
  • Veranstaltung:Aufgezeichnete

Moving Exchange to the cloud eliminates a lot of work, but it doesn’t eliminate your compliance responsibilities or security requirements. To be secure and detect information grabs and data theft, you need to monitor various activities of Exchange Online. And if you are familiar with on-premises Exchange, you will find a degree of shared functionality — at least on the surface. The commands are the same, but the way you execute them in Exchange Online is a little different.

The good news — there is an interactive audit reporting capability in Exchange Online that helps you stay covered. The bad news — you’ll need a more robust tool for anything other than the most basic audits.

In this on-demand webcast, security and compliance expert Randy Franklin Smith will explore what you need to ensure compliance in your complex cloud or hybrid environment. You’ll also discover why a third-party tool may be the best option to keep you covered.