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NEED FOR SPEED: Data Recovery in a Non-Stop World

  • Datum der Aufzeichnung:Jun. 29, 2017
  • Veranstaltung:Aufgezeichnete

The truth about backup and restore is that the speed of restore – the time it takes for users and applications to reconnect to a valid copy of data following an unplanned interruption event – can mean the difference between a momentary crisis and a full-on disaster. Data availability is at the core of IT success. Whether you’re moving to cloud architectures or virtualizing infrastructure, users expect availability and predictability of service.

Innovations in backup/restore technology are keeping pace with demand, but only when IT pros are aware of the possibilities and know what to look for in the products they select for their data protection strategy.

In this session, Jon Toigo, veteran disaster recovery planner and author of five books on disaster recovery and data protection, will offer invaluable advice on data recovery. You’ll also learn about the latest innovations in data protection and rapid recovery solutions.


  • John O'Boyle - Product Marketing Director
  • Jon Toigo - CEO, Toigo Partners International