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The Perfect Blend: NIST, CAF & NIS reduce risk and ease disaster recovery in the public sector

DRE/Webcast - NIST vs. CAF
  • Datum der Aufzeichnung:Jan. 11, 2023
  • Veranstaltung:Aufgezeichnete
DRE/Webcast - NIST vs. CAF

Most public sector organizations can’t function when Active Directory (AD) is compromised. Productivity grinds to a halt, ransomware attacks may be underway and executive management is on high alert. Given this impact on operations and security, it’s surprising that 88 percent of customers impacted by ransomware were not using AD and Azure AD security best practices*. So, what steps can public sector organizations take to reduce the threat to this tier zero asset? 

Forward-looking IT and security teams are taking the best from cyber resilience frameworks like NIST (U.S.), CAF (U.K.) and NIS (E.U.) while complying with local regulations. They complement these guidelines with identity-centric management, disaster recovery and world-class technology to battle the ever-changing threats to AD.

This webinar will bridge the distance between the cyber resilience frameworks and the day-to-day practice of keeping your users productive and safe, with a special focus on preparing and recovering from an AD disaster.

Quest® Solutions Architect Alistair Holmes and Microsoft MVP Michael Van Horenbeeck, also CEO of Collective Consulting, will walk you through best practices, stopping to:

  • Zero in on the most pressing AD issues for public sector organizations 
  • Compare and contrast the cyber resilience frameworks  
  • Share stories where the methods were put into action for AD disaster recovery 
  • Debate the appropriate technology to support best practices 

*Source: Microsoft Digital Defense Report 2022


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