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On-Demand Sessions on Data Intelligence and Data Governance

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Data intelligence and governance is at the heart of your organization’s ability to know your data, protect and guide its usage, and ensure it can be trusted and available at the right time to fuel your decisions and action.

Hear from leading data evangelists and Quest customers as they reveal the initiatives and practical steps data-driven organizations are undertaking to realize value from data intelligence and governance.

Learn how automated data cataloging, data quality, data literacy, and self-service data preparation are driving data intelligence programs and empowering IT, data governance teams and business users alike.

Compare your organization’s current state and walk away with the inspiration and vision to better target key areas within your own efforts that can have a maximum impact.

Maximize the Business Impact of Your Data through Data Intelligence and Governance

Join Bharath Vasudevan, Vice President of Quest ISM Product Management, for this opening day 1 Quest EMPOWER keynote session geared to all organizational contributors across IT, data governance teams and business user communities. Bharath will share how data intelligence and data governance is currently driving data empowerment throughout the leading data-driven organizations Quest works with today and the essential role of technology now and into the future.

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Analyst Report: 2022 State of Data Governance and Empowerment Report

Case Study: E.ON

The Real World Value of Data Intelligence - A Look Inside Data Management at Enexis Groep

In the quest to become a data-driven organization, many companies cite supporting data governance initiatives through a central data catalog as the initial reason to evaluate and invest in data intelligence software. But, how can data intelligence software be used to more broadly support an enterprise’s data management architecture? And, how can data intelligence software help organizations tackle the everyday IT, data steward, analyst and other stakeholder challenges encountered in data management? Join Ivo Kuijlaars, Data Architecture Lead at Enexis Groep, a Netherlands-based energy supplier, to hear why and how Enexis started its journey as an erwin Data Intelligence by Quest customer and the practical use cases it continues to discover for data intelligence software across the organization. Learn how Enexis uses erwin Data Intelligence with Snowflake, Power BI, SAP Hana and more to deliver data landscape visibility and new data management and data governance efficiencies.

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Case Study: Petco harnesses data with erwin Data Intelligence

Case Study: Credit Union Banks on erwin Data Modeler by Quest

The Importance of Data Intelligence to the Data-Driven Business

The successful organization in today’s digital economy needs to be data-driven. Companies large and small as well as governments and nonprofit organizations are all seeing the value that data can bring to driving success. Data-driven success, however, requires a certain level of “data intelligence” across the organization. What is data intelligence? It combines people, process and technology with a mix of data architecture, data governance, and data literacy required from both business and IT stakeholders. While this can seem complex, join Donna Burbank, managing director of Global Data Strategy, to demystify the complexities of data intelligence and provide practical, concrete best practices based on real-world implementations around the globe.

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E-book: Solving the Enterprise Data Dilemma

White Paper: Metadata Management: The Hero in Unleashing Enterprise Data's Value

Building Data Trust through Data Quality, Literacy and Governance

To truly leverage data to its fullest potential within an organization, business stakeholders must have the enterprise data visibility, data literacy, data quality and data fitness transparency to fuel data trust. But, with limited resources and a long list of organizational needs, what are some of the key areas that IT and data governance teams should target to have maximum impact? Join Stewart Bond, VP of Data Intelligence and Data Integration Software Research at IDC, to learn from recent IDC research conducted to better pinpoint the needs and expectations of business stakeholders and current stakeholder assessments of the state and availability of data intelligence. As a leading data industry analyst regularly in contact with both real-world data practitioners driving data intelligence efforts and the software vendors that support them, Stewart has a unique vantage point with which to help you better develop impactful, practical strategies for today as well as into the future.

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Session Slides

Analyst Report: IDC Analyst Perspective: Controlling Data in the Future of Operations 

Case Study: Petco harnesses data with erwin Data Intelligence  

Data Democratization through Self-Service Data Preparation at Essendant

Companies today have recognized the power of data to transform their business. However, the true power of data is only unlocked when business users across your organization can not only access data critical to smart decision-making but are given the tools to work with that data without the need to be IT gurus. Learn through this Quest discussion with Richard Foley, Manager of Business Intelligence for Essendant, of the growing importance of data democratization to organizational business goals and how Essendant is leveraging self-service data preparation tools to empower their everyday users.

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Case Study: University empowers users with self-service analytics

Analyst Report: Quadrant Knowledge Solutions 2022 Data Preparation Tools Spark Matrix

Fueling the Data-driven Enterprise with Quest Solutions for Data Intelligence and Governance

Data intelligence and governance is core to your organization’s data empowerment. Success with data intelligence and governance initiatives is critical to your organization’s ability to know your data, protect and guide its usage, and ensure it can be trusted and available at the right time to fuel good decisions and the best business outcomes. Join Danny Sandwell, Quest senior solutions manager, and discover the Quest technology solutions for automated data cataloging, data quality, data literacy, data modeling, and self-service data preparation that can help you empower IT, data governance teams and business users alike.

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erwin Data Modeler

erwin Data Intelligence

erwin Data Quality

erwin Evolve

Toad Data Point

An EMPOWER Talk with Doug Fearing of Zelus Analytics

Zelus Analytics works with some of the world’s highest performing professional sports teams, from America’s Major League Baseball to Indian Premier League Cricket, to help them squeeze wins out of data. As in virtually every other industry, sports organizations are struggling to handle the emergent challenges associated with the ever-growing data volume and complexity of data sources within their ecosystems. Join Bharath Vasudevan, Quest VP of Product Management and Marketing, as he sits down with Doug Fearing, co-founder and CEO of Zelus Analytics, to discuss the data challenges sports teams are facing and the data intelligence, governance and operations strategies delivering the biggest payoffs.

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Ultra Mobile | erwin, Inc

The Value of Robust Data Intelligence to Enable Data Governance - White Paper (