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On-Demand Sessions on Data Operations

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Data operations is the foundation needed by data-driven organizations to efficiently modernize data infrastructure, optimize systems performance, and deliver applications that empower the business.

Hear renowned database experts and Quest customers explain the key strategies for designing, building and operating the data structures, database systems, and data pipelines that best support enterprise-level business needs.

Discover the data operations considerations essential to cloud migration, and how to balance cloud spend versus application performance within complex, hybrid cloud environments.

Identify areas within your current data operations efforts that are ripe for improvement and the next steps you can take to increase efficiency, reduce cost, and better fuel data delivery and accessibility throughout your organization.

Maximize the Business Impact of Your Data through Data Operations

Join Bharath Vasudevan, Vice President of Quest ISM Product Management, for this opening day 2 Quest EMPOWER keynote session geared to all in IT who oversee, design, develop, deploy and manage the data sources and pipelines that deliver the data needed to drive business results. Bharath will share how data operations is accelerating data empowerment throughout the many leading data-driven organizations Quest works with today and the criticality of automation to its success.

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Session Slides

White Paper: Empowering Everyone to Bring the Right Data to Every Decision

Improving Database Performance Monitoring at TransUnion with Foglight by Quest

In this session, Foglight customer, Anthony Stephens with TransUnion - a global consumer credit reporting agency, will highlight his experience with Foglight for Databases and Foglight Performance Investigator and how the product has impacted their business.

In this question-and-answer session, Anthony will discuss how he has experienced:

  • Clear visibility into critical database performance across multiple platforms and domains 
  • Built-in intelligence, offering database health and activity at a glance
  • Simplified SQL Server performance tuning 
  • Granular control over alerts, system analysis and reporting
  • And more


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Case Study: CommitDBA enables high availability with worry free support using Foglight for Databases

Case Study: Healthcare company monitors 3,000+ diverse databases with a single solution

Migrating to the Cloud: A Roadmap for SQL Server Databases

Your company has an array of different SQL Servers, including in-house apps, third-party apps, a data warehouse, and more. They're a mishmash of different versions, configurations, and high-availability choices. How are you supposed to translate all these different servers into the right cloud requirements? In this session, Microsoft Certified Master Brent Ozar will lay out simple rules for classifying your different kinds of servers so you can quickly assess which cloud services you need. This session will be vendor-agnostic. Brent doesn't really care whether you choose Amazon, Azure, or Google, and will include options for all of them. Finally, he'll also show you how to tell which of your servers you need to be worried about because they'll require extra attention during their migrations. This session is geared to help technical team members succeed in planning migration projects.

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Session Slides

Video: Simplify and secure your journey to the cloud with hybrid cloud architecture solutions from Quest

Webcast On-Demand: Migrating SQL Server to the Cloud

Achieving Cost-effective SQL Server Performance Tuning in the Cloud

Every organization wants applications to run faster and, at the same time, wants to reduce the cost of the operation. While DBAs and Developers want more resources, so their queries do not face performance bottlenecks, CIOs/CTOs and IT Managers are looking for opportunities to reduce costs. Unlike on-premises infrastructure setup, every resource on the cloud has recurring expenses. In this session, we will focus on how to tune our queries and servers to run highly efficiently with limited resources when deployed to the cloud. At the same time, IT Managers will learn valuable insight about cost savings without compromising performance.

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Session Slides

Webcast On-Demand: SQL Server Performance Tuning for the Busy DBA: Bottlenecks and Resolutions with Pinal Dave

E-book: An Expert Guide to SQL Server Performance Tuning

Empowering Data Engineering to Deliver Faster

The rise of the importance and proliferation of data has rapidly expanded and evolved the role of the data engineer. Join Julie Hyman, Quest senior product manager, to take a look at this critical area of data competence for data-driven organizations. Learn how the intersection of traditional data analysis and data warehousing is combining with the modern efficiencies of data pipeline management and data orchestration to help IT teams deliver faster to the business.

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Session Slides

White Paper: Future proof your databases

Fueling the Data-driven Enterprise with Quest Solutions for Data Operations

Your organization’s data empowerment requires a rock-solid data operations foundation. Being able to efficiently modernize data infrastructure, optimize systems performance, and speed the design, development and delivery of applications needed by the business are hallmarks of a strong IT organization. Join Michael O’Donnell and discover the Quest technology solutions you can pair with data operations initiatives to successfully design, build, and operate the data structures, database systems, and data pipelines that best support your business needs today and into the future.

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