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Accidental DBA Webinar 9/22/2020

Accidental DBA Webinar 9/22/2020



  • Date:Sept. 22, 2020
  • Time: 1:00 PM – 2:00 PM EST
  • Duration:60 Minutes
  • Location:WebEx
  • Event:Online
Accidental DBA Webinar 9/22/2020

One day you ‘accidentally’ became a SQL Server DBA… Now you are ‘accidentally’ a multi-platform DBA.  It can be overwhelming. 

What if you could…?

  • Ease the transition to your growing and changing environment with consistent workflows regardless of the database platform
  • Ensure performance SLAs are met while shifting workloads from one platform to another
  • Impress Management with cross domain reporting

If you are a DBA who has been thrust into the Open Source and/or NoSQL arena and have been tasked with maintaining its availability and performance, you are not alone. As enterprise data grows and changes, so too does the need to adopt different database platforms. One of the primary challenges traditional (Relational) DBAs face is to efficiently find ways to learn and understand these technologies.

This webinar will cover not only a brief review of Foglight’s core competencies but also an informative and interesting introduction to Open Source and NoSQL technologies…their storied histories, why they were developed, their key strengths, and various ‘flavors’. From there, some common use cases will be highlighted demonstrating how Foglight can simplify the identification of common performance scenarios against MySQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, and Cassandra.

Join us and learn how to more efficiently monitor the health of your cross-platform environment.