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Content Sharing: Tips & Tricks - Beating the LinkedIn Algorythm

Content Sharing: Tips & Tricks - Beating the LinkedIn Algorythm



  • Date:Jul. 7, 2022
  • Time: 11:00 AM – 12:00 PM CEST
  • Duration:60 Minutes
  • Location:WebEx
  • Event:Online
Content Sharing: Tips & Tricks - Beating the LinkedIn Algorythm

The first thing to know about any social platform is that THEIR goal is to keep people on their platform, which turns into them being able to sell more ads to companies, to generate higher revenue. How do they do that? They use a complex algorythm that changes fairly regularly.
So how do you combat a moving target? Here's a few tips.

It can be incredibly frustrating to post content regularly on LinkedIn and not see the results you are hoping to get. When publishing a post on LinkedIn, your post will initially be shown to a small test group of your connections. On average it's 8-10%. 

- Create high-quality "Content", as low-quality posts do not deliver good results.
- Maximize "Dwell Time" by keeping people on your post for as long as possible by using slide decks, pdfs, video and long text posts.
- Focus on getting "Engagement" in the first 3 hours after posting.
- Be "Active" on LinkedIn yourself. The more you engage with other people's content, the more engagement you will get on yours.

INCREASE VIEWS on a post, and thus the likelihood of success, with these 3 elements:
- Social Selling Index - Get your score above 70 (out of 100)
- Profile Strength - Make sure your LinkedIn profile has achieved "All Star Status"
- Size of your network - Expand you network with relevant connections.


Sandy Adams & Edwin Stuiver

Quest Software