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Data Preparation Made Easy: Toad Data Point Webcast Series

Are your users continually asking you for data extracts for transformation, analysis and reporting? It seems like the more you provide, the more they want – and they always need the most current data. If you’ve chosen Toad Data Point for easy data preparation and provisioning, you’ll want to view the on-demand programs in this webcast series, Data Preparation Made Easy.

In these sessions, product manager Julie Hyman explores features of Toad Data Point that help you navigate the system, connect to data sources, use a Workbook and ingest your data into Microsoft Excel for further manipulation.

Julie also answers questions posted by users in our forum around using the Visual Query Builder, working with pivot tables and how to maximize your use of Excel in conjunction with Toad Data Point. These interactive Q&As address real-life issues around data prep that your peers are experiencing and you may be, too. 

If you’re already using Toad Data Point for data preparation and provisioning, or if you’re thinking about it, these 30-minute on-demand sessions will provide additional insights into this indispensable product. 

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On Demand



Toad Data Point provides a user-friendly, “no code” approach to creating automations that you can run on your desktop as well as publish to a server through Toad Intelligence Central.

We contacted Toad Data Point users and asked them to tell us their top “asks” about automation. In this session, we’re revealing the answers.

On Demand



Toad® Data Point by Quest® has always worked exceptionally well with Excel as both a data source as well as a data destination. In this session, join guest presenter, Gary Jerep, Software Solutions Consultant, as he focuses on your top questions about integrating Toad Data Point with Excel. 

Here’s a sneak peek at popular topics users want to learn about: 

  • Multiple automation apps running parallel
  • Connection errors
  • The query tab in Workbook
  • Connection errors

On Demand



We’ve had huge support for our sessions covering features of Toad® Data Point, and for last month’s Q&A on the Visual Query Builder. For this session, we want to hear from you again – particularly your questions about Pivot Grids.

A pivot grid is a powerful data manipulation tool that helps summarize and present raw data in a digestible form. But to achieve the output you want, you need to know how to get the desired rows and columns from your tables into the pivot grid, apply filters and share the results.

If you have questions about pivot grids in Toad® Data Point now is your chance to get answers in this on-demand webcast.

On Demand



We’ve had some great demonstration sessions covering features of Toad® Data Point, like navigation, building a simple query, exporting the data and using the Workbook interface. But for this session, we want to hear from you – particularly your questions about the Visual Query Builder.

The Visual Query Builder is a central feature of Toad Data Point since it enables anyone to assemble a query using drag and drop capabilities, send an email with the results set, and even attach a pivot grid.

Watch this webcast to learn about the Toad Data Point Visual Query Builder and how you can maximize its effectiveness for your data specialists and consumers.

On Demand



Introduced in Toad Data Point Professional version 5, the Workbook is an alternative and intuitive interface for many product features. If you haven’t tried Workbook yet, give us 30 minutes and we’ll demonstrate how it can help you with data preparation.

In this webcast, Julie Hyman, Product Manager will show you how to:

  • Create a new Toad Data Point Workbook
  • Develop a series of workflows that work together to build a report
  • Schedule workbooks to run automatically

You’ll come away with an appreciation for the many ways Workbook streamlines building queries, pivot grids and reports.

On Demand



Are you looking for the ultimate course in Toad Data Point – the one that will boil it all down to the essentials? It’s happening!

In just 30 minutes, product manager Julie Hyman will take you from connecting to a data source, to developing a query to exporting the results into Excel. She’ll also show you how to quickly automate all of the above so it happens unattended, on your schedule.

In this on demand webinar you will learn how to:

  • Quickly connect and query a data source
  • Output your results to Excel
  • Wrap all of the above in a simple to schedule automation script

Don’t miss this opportunity to quickly build proficiency in Toad Data Point.

On Demand



Discover ways to navigate Toad Data Point like a wizard. Toad Data Point is a powerful tool for data preparation – if you know how to get to where you want. Let us help you unlock the value of Toad Data Point by showing you how to shortcut your navigation to quickly find what you need. 

In this on demand session with Julie Hyman, Product Manager, you’ll learn how to:

Automatically connect to your favorite data sources on startup
Add filters so you can find your tables faster
Quickly find just the right window you were looking for 
And much more…

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