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Get more from Toad in our "Ask Toad" webcast series - 2020

Think you know all there is to know about Toad® for Oracle? Think again! Because the top Toad experts are joining forces to show you how to get more value and save more time than ever with Toad. From lesser-known features to cool, new functionality, Toad offers countless ways to help you improve code quality, reduce code defects, maintain peak database performance and enjoy easier workdays.

Each 30-minute session includes step-by-step guidance on an everyday challenge to simplify and streamline your work, followed by a helpful Q&A.

So get ready to Ask Toad and learn something new about your favorite database management tool.

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Do you take the same actions every day with Toad for Oracle? Did you know that you can create hot keys to perform those actions and streamline your tasks? You can also create filters to remove items that you don’t use frequently or don’t need to see. And there are other configurations you might not know about that affect how Toad looks and behaves. 

In this on demand session, we’ll cover these settings and offer a few more tips to help you get the most from Toad for Oracle.

On Demand



Speaker: Russell Tuttle

The Ask Toad webcast series continues with another compelling session to help you maximize your investment in Toad for Oracle. Tune in on the first Thursday of the month.

Our second session, features Russell Tuttle, Software Sales Engineer, who will be presenting Five Cool DBA Features in Toad for Oracle Base Edition. 

Toad for Oracle Base Edition is an amazing tool for Oracle administration that lets you manage all your on-premises and cloud databases, control database access, browse and navigate database objects, and run SQL and PL/SQL. There are also many ways to get organized, productive and collaborative. In this session, you’ll gain insight into five of the most useful DBA features in Toad for Oracle Base Edition, including how to:

Automate many Toad and non-Toad functions
Manage all your scripts from a central location
Browse, view & edit data across tables regardless of the referential integrity (RI)
Manage and view all your sessions in a single view
Generate database documentation easily for all the database objects in multiple databases




Time: 11:00 AM EST
Location: WebEx

Poorly-written SQL queries and PLSQL code can bring an Oracle database to its electronic knees – and it’s not a pretty sight. Database professionals spend a lot of time mitigating the effects of bad code on performance, and Toad® is one of the most powerful tools available to get this done. 

Depending on whether you have the Professional or Xpert edition of Toad, there are different features available that you can leverage in your ongoing efforts to address poor code. 

In this session of Ask Toad, Mathew Phan, Software Sales Engineer, will showcase these two editions of Toad for Oracle and how features like static code reviews, sensitive data awareness and SQL optimization address the issues and data governance risks that arise from bad coding practices. 

In Toad Professional, you’ll learn about:

  • Code Analysis
  • Generate Test Data
  • Sensitive Data Awareness

In Toad Xpert, Mathew will cover:

  • SQL Optimization
  • Auto Optimizer
  • Advanced Optimizer

Join us to learn how these features will keep your Oracle databases standing 24x7.