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Hybrid Active Directory Attack Path Management Webcast Series

When securing your hybrid Active Directory (AD) environment, it helps to think like an attacker. There could be tons of attack paths they can use to reach the crown jewels of your AD environment—your control plane, or those critical Tier Zero assets. But, when you think like an attacker, you can secure these attack paths to cut off valuable avenues to your environment.

In this webcast series, AD security experts will walk through how you can assess, map and prioritize all of the various attack paths in your environment with SpecterOps BloodHound Enterprise and then provide next steps with other Quest solutions. You can register below for all 3 sessions in the series.

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Find out how you can use Quest Change Auditor and On Demand Audit to monitor AD in real time for active attacks and IOCs, such as Golden Tickets, DCSync and AD database exfiltration. With these Quest solutions, you can block attackers from leveraging attack vectors to reach your Tier Zero assets as well as audit security drift across your hybrid AD environment.

Presenter: Bryan Patton, Principal Strategic Systems Consultant, Quest

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Discover how Quest GPOADmin can help ensure GPO changes adhere to security policies prior to deployment—or roll back to an approved configuration in the event of issues or unapproved changes, and continually validate GPOs through automated attestation. See for yourself how securing GPOs in your hybrid AD environment helps eliminate some of the most critical attack paths an attacker could use to reach your control plane.

Presenter: Matthew Vinton, Principal Strategic Systems Consultant

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Learn how Quest can help quickly recover domains—or an entire AD forest—in the event of an attack, or restore unwanted change to any object, including GPOs and AD configurations. Rest assured that the Quest solution can help you roll back AD changes with unintended consequences or quickly revert unapproved changes to Azure AD objects and configurations.

Presenter: Brian Hymer, principal strategic systems consultant

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