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KACE Remote Workforce Webcast Series

Shifting your organization to work-from-home hasn’t been without its challenges but supporting a hybrid workforce doesn’t need to be one of them. The Quest KACE product portfolio makes it possible for you to effectively manage and secure your partial or fully remote workforce while keeping them connected and productive anytime, anywhere and on the device of their choice.

And to help you achieve this, our KACE team of experts has put together this on-demand webcast series to provide you with on solid insight, key considerations and best practices to help your hybrid workforce thrive.

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How and where your organization conducts business pretty much changed overnight. And since then, your IT team has been working overtime to meet the systems management needs of your newly mobile or remote workforce.

At Quest KACE, many us of us have been part of a remote workforce for years, and we’ve learned a thing or two about work-from-home. In this webcast, we’ll share some tips and tricks as well as sound advice to that’ll help you and your colleagues survive and thrive while working anytime and anywhere.

We’ll touch on:

  • Work/life balance for the newly remote – it’s not all Netflix and Hulu
  • How to set boundaries and still get work done - even with kids or pets
  • Why you need a designated workspace and a routine – away from the kitchen
  • Remote workplace etiquette and how to tackle conference calls – dressing from the waist up

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Like most systems and IT admins, you’ve been supporting mobile and remote workers for a while now, but nothing could have prepared you for the challenge of transitioning your entire organization to remote overnight. In this webcast, you’ll learn work-from-home tips and tricks to help you address the challenges of managing and securing endpoints now that they reside outside your network. 

We’ll show you how to:

  • Create a managed installation
  • Better manage software installations
  • Download and install collaboration/remote tools 
  • Harden and secure your KACE Systems Management Appliance (SMA)

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Providing a hassle-free, remote helpdesk experience that balances end-user expectations with the SLAs of your IT resources doesn’t have to be a challenge. In this webcast, we’ll show you some tips and best practices to fully realize the potential of your IT service management solution, so you’re able to keep both end users and your IT team happy while demonstrating value of IT to the business. 

In this latest third installment of our KACE webcast series, you’ll learn how to:

  • Work collaboratively, efficiently and productively 
  • Implement and optimize your help desk self-service capabilities 
  • Remotely access and respond to tickets anytime, anywhere
  • Meet SLAs and support customers regardless of where they reside

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Your workforce of today and tomorrow is changing rapidly compared to how and where your employees worked even a short time ago. The rapid influx of remote workers makes it even more important than ever for you to have new tactics so you can provide convenient user access to files and systems balanced with the necessary increased levels of security. Even as the threat landscape is changing just as quickly as when vital work needs to get done remotely and on the move. 

In this webcast, our KACE experts will show you how to implement a winning least-privileged environment that adds security dynamically yet preserves the abilities of your employees to get their work done at the office, at home or even when on the move. 

In the fourth installment in our KACE Remote Workforce Webcast Series, you will learn how to: 

  • Increase user rights security for remote workers and beyond 
  • Avoid breaking existing workflows when moving to least privileges 
  • Obtain security audits for administrative account access 
  • Elevate user access rights dynamically without slowing down business productivity

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Endpoint compliance is a growing concern, especially with all the endpoint devices you manage that are distributed in local and cloud environments across the globe. In this Redmond webcast, we’ll show you some practical steps to help you achieve endpoint compliance with industry requirements while protecting your users, their data and the devices they use to access company resources. 

Join industry experts, Tim Warner, and Jillian Salamon of Quest Software, as they walk you through practical steps to achieve endpoint compliance, including: 

  • Common industry compliance standards and how they affect your infrastructure
  • Why you need a unified platform to manage your disparate endpoint devices
  • How to apply the Quest KACE two-step method to achieve endpoint compliance

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Our Remote Workforce Webcast Series continues with a look at what to consider if you want to place your KACE Systems Management Appliance (SMA) onto a perimeter network — otherwise known as a “demilitarized zone (DMZ)” server. Watch this on-demand episode to learn tips and tricks for configuring the KACE SMA for network perimeter security.

With increased remote traffic, DMZ network security adds a layer of protection between the local area network inside your firewall and the internet, helping to broaden your endpoint management domain. With a perimeter network security in place, endpoints connecting from unsecured locations via the internet can only access resources on the perimeter network. This setup allows you to put some organizational resources and applications onto the perimeter network, leaving other resources secure behind your firewall.

Watch the webcast to learn:

  • The pros and cons of using a DMZ in network security
  • How to manage a perimeter network internally or externally 
  • How to establish communications between appliances and your network 
  • Best practices for locking down the UI to maintain a secure environment 

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Being able to easily setup and manage your remote help desk and IT staff workloads from anywhere is crucial. In this latest instalment of our Remote Workforce Webcast Series, you’ll hear from the Quest KACE team and the experts at SimpleHelp as they take you on a deep-dive into how the KACE Systems Management Appliance (SMA) makes it possible to effectively control, manage and secure remote machines and workers wherever they reside. 

You’ll gain practical insight that’ll help you better support your changing IT help desk landscape, including how to:

  • Address workforce changes and challenges from an IT and end-user perspective
  • Integrate KACE Service Desk and SimpleHelp for a better help desk experiencer
  • Support your CPU and remote access for your end users
  • Get the most from your SimpleHelp software with a deep-dive live demo

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Are your employees working in an onsite or offsite location? Can you sustain operations securely while maintaining efficiency and cost effectiveness? Discover how Quest KACE Desktop Authority can support IT professionals as they manage desktops and perform user changes, regardless of users’ current zip code.

We’ll show you how to manage users and desktops securely from any location, by: 

  • Automating dynamic controls to meet the demands of a work from anywhere workforce 
  • Implement Validation Logic to simplify how IT admins can apply the appropriate settings without needing to create and manage complex scripting 
  • Utilize Group Policy updates even when users are off the network 
  • Control devices remotely and keep IT tasks moving using our Expert Assist remote management tool

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