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Quest Data Empowerment Webcast Series

Join live training sessions, April 21 - November 17, 2022

Tech experts John Pocknell and Danny Sandwell are joining forces to help you achieve your digital transformation goals. Through a series of six interactive webcasts, you’ll learn how to empower your application modernization, hybrid cloud operations, DataOps, sensitive data governance, BizDevOps and data warehouse modernization. See how to overcome common obstacles, reduce risk and fully leverage your data assets.

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Time: 11:00 AM EST
Location: WebEx

Companies are adopting DevOps practices to accelerate their software delivery processes and increase business performance by driving revenue growth and competitiveness. But according to TeamStage, 40 percent of CIOs say limited collaboration across BizDevOps teams disrupts IT’s ability to respond quickly to sudden changes in business needs.

There is a disconnect between business and IT, due to the absence of key shared information that relates business strategies and processes with applications and data. This is leading to a misinterpretation of requirements, resulting in project failures that inhibit business success.

In this session, we will investigate operational issues that cause this disconnect and show how, with Quest Data Empowerment, you can solve your BizDevOps challenges. You’ll learn how to increase the transparency between business and IT, which will lead to more successful outcomes.




Time: 11:00 AM EST
Location: WebEx

Is your data warehouse and/or data lake struggling to meet the demands of your data-driven enterprise and its increasingly democratized approach to data? Are you struggling to keep up with business demand for more agility and capability in delivering for new data types, data volumes and data use cases with your current approach? Whether you’re looking to upgrade to a lake house in the cloud or need to adopt to a more agile and adaptable modern data platform, the problems are similar. These initiatives are complex and fraught with risks. How do I ensure I don’t lose the value in my legacy systems? How do I deal with the technical debt associated with adopting a new approach? How do I ensure my modern data platform delivers on the promised business benefits?

In this session, you’ll learn how Quest Data Empowerment enables customers to successfully adopt a modern data platform. Through a critical combination of metadata-driven automation, data movement, data governance and data intelligence, you’ll optimize your migration and set yourself up for ongoing success with a modern data platform.  

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Application modernization is the process of upgrading legacy applications and modernizing platform infrastructure, architecture and features. This forms a key part of an organization’s digital transformation strategy. But modernizing platform infrastructure can be a time-consuming, complex, costly and risky process.

As your company adopts hybrid- and multi-cloud services, takes on new technologies and embraces automated processes, such as BizDevOps and DataOps to accelerate the delivery of higher value to the business, there are important considerations to make. You must address data visibility, governance and regulatory compliance and risks, such as unplanned costs.

In this session, we’ll discuss the challenges, risks and our recommendations for embarking on your digital transformation journey. You’ll learn how to empower your next application modernization initiative to ensure a successful business outcome.

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With the increasing pressure on businesses to deliver flexible, on-demand and secure access to digital assets – shifting workloads and data to the cloud is a trend that shows no signs of slowing.

For IT leaders, implementing a hybrid cloud strategy makes perfect sense, with businesses looking for new ways to reduce costs and remove the burden of owned hardware. But the shift toward the cloud can also carry risks that, if not addressed early on, can quickly erase any potential benefits.

Organizations need to migrate their data to the cloud with minimal business disruption. They must also manage their hybrid cloud infrastructure more effectively by balancing cloud spend with application performance. This provides greater flexibility, reduces dependence on owned hardware and helps democratize access to more data from more places.

Join us as we discuss the challenges, risks and our recommendations for empowering your next cloud migration initiative to ensure a successful business outcome.

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According to McKinsey, over the past decade, advanced analytics has become a top priority across industries: 90 percent of companies recognize its value, and many have started to put internal analytics organizations in place, with an eye toward scaling use cases. Yet the majority of companies have not unlocked the full potential of advanced analytics. This is because they lack the visibility, capabilities and repeatable processes needed to deliver data to feed these new algorithms and analytics models.

DataOps is an automated, process-oriented methodology used by analytics and data teams to improve quality and reduce the cycle time of advanced analytics. In this session, you’ll learn how the Quest approach to data empowerment helps our customers underpin and assure their DataOps practice. Through a critical combination of metadata management, data governance and preparation, you can increase business and technical stakeholder data literacy, automate delivery of on-demand data insight to speed analysis of data fitness and reduce cycle time in preparing, maintaining and deploying high-quality data pipelines. You’ll see how a flexible governance framework ensures the right people have the right data, for the right use, at the right time.

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All data is not created equal. Sensitive data has moved to the head of the line because of numerous regulatory requirements, many well-publicized security breaches and ransomware attacks where an organization’s sensitive data was the primary target. The proximity of sensitive data to key transformation initiatives, like data DevOps, cloud adoption and data self-service, adds complexity to achieving the efficiency and effectiveness required to be truly successful in these endeavors.   

We’ll discuss how Quest Data Empowerment enables key stakeholders to overcome challenges associated with sensitive data, mitigate risks and fully leverage this valuable enterprise asset through the entire lifecycle.