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Quest Database Training Days Fall Series

Interactive performance tuning sessions delivered by industry experts, Brent Ozar, Janis Griffin and Pinal Dave

Back by popular demand, the biggest names in database technology will again be providing hands-on database performance training. You’ll have another opportunity to learn from Microsoft Certified Master Brent Ozar, Oracle ACE Janis Griffin and Performance Tuning Expert Pinal Dave about the most challenging and in-demand topics for SQL Server and MySQL.

In this jam-packed 5-session lineup, here’s what we’ll be covering:

  • Indexing for edge case performance – when you really need to push the performance envelope
  • Top tips for MySQL performance tuning – a repeatable methodology for query tuning
  • Avoiding deadlocks with query tuning – learn how to work through tables in a consistent order
  • Top 3 execution plan mistakes and how to avoid them – learn what to believe and what to ignore
  • Demystifying CXPACKET and CXCONSUMER – cut through the confusion and learn what to do
  • …and more

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If you've managed database performance, you've come across the wait types CXPACKET and CXCONSUMER. You've seen a lot of conflicting instructions on how to go about fixing them, and you know that setting MAXDOP to 1 isn't the right thing to do.

Learn what happens when SQL Server parallelizes queries correctly, what causes parallelism to go awry, and what you can do about it.

On Demand



Speaker: Pinal Dave

Execution plans are the first-place database professionals go to tune their query, but they often provide misleading information. The science behind query optimization is knowing what to believe and what to ignore from the execution plan. You’ll learn the 3 biggest issues with the execution plan and tips and tricks to overcome them easily and efficiently to ensure better performance.

On Demand



Speaker: Brent Ozar 

Learn Brent’s tips to fix deadlocks. He’ll discuss tables in long transactions and why you need to work through them in a consistent order and touch them as few times as possible; then, he'll rewrite a stored procedure that's having deadlocking problems.

On Demand



Oracle ACE Director Janis Griffin reveals how to simplify MySQL query tuning. See how to monitor and review the execution plan. Then, look at the table, column and index information to understand selectivity to find the driving table. Finally, find performance inhibitors. With her tips, you’ll perform MySQL query tuning quickly and easily.

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