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Quest Database Training Days: On-Demand

Quest® Database Training Days On-Demand

Watch free, on-demand sessions led by Brent Ozar, Pinal Dave, Janis Griffin and Neil Buchwalter.

Your favorite tech experts are ready when you are when with these on-demand Database Training Days sessions.

You’ll get the opportunity to learn from Microsoft Certified Master Brent Ozar, Oracle ACE Janis Griffin, performance tuning expert Pinal Dave and data modeling expert Neil Buchwalter.

You’ll see how to:

  • Cut cloud database costs without sacrificing performance
  • Simplify SQL Server performance tuning in DevOps environments
  • Future proof your databases and achieve continuous database operations
  • And much more

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    Speaker: Pinal Dave

    A query once efficient can get slow when the workload as well as data in the underlying table changes. There are so many parameters for any query that can drastically impact how the query performs. It is vital for us to keep an eye on various parameters and make sure that our queries give us optimal performance when there are changes in the data and workload. In this session, we will focus on various server and database configurations that impact the performance of the changing DevOps environment. Developers and DBAs will receive knowledge and scripts, which they can use to immediately gain performance from their slow running queries. 

    Speaker: Brent Ozar

    You've moved to the cloud, and now management is asking questions about your monthly bills. They've asked you to cut costs. Now what? In this webcast, Brent Ozar will examine the top expense-causing configurations and workloads for Azure SQL DB and Microsoft SQL Server. You'll learn how to tell when you've got too much hardware, and where you can safely cut costs without sacrificing end user performance experiences.

    Speaker: Janis Griffin

    Are you under pressure from your business to build, test and release software changes faster? Is it unclear how to bring database processes into your DevOps infrastructure? Are you concerned about the risks of making compromises while shortening your release cycles? Are you wondering how to effectively monitor the performance impacts of your database changes?  Are you required to replicate fast-moving changes to your hybrid database environments? If the answer is yes to any of these questions, then this presentation is for you. Future proof your databases and achieve continuous database operations.

    Speaker: Neil Buchwalter

    Most organizations understand the critical nature of their data assets and the role they play in support of their business.

    A solid data foundation is necessary to ensure business decisions are based on valid and verifiable events and that the decisions made will have a positive impact on the organization. Hence, the need for a data warehouse.

    Unfortunately, data warehouses are limited by their inability to quickly evolve over time due to their somewhat rigid structure. That's where Data Vault 2.0 modeling comes in. The Data Vault process facilitates the creation of a flexible normalized data architecture that can easily evolve as required to maintain a valid and auditable representation of an organization's data assets over time. Additionally, the nature of the Data Vault objects consistent structures encourage the development and use of automation solutions to generate more of the data warehouse and using fewer resources in the process.

    Speaker : Pinal Dave

    Every query has a cost and it is usually measured via three important resources: CPU, IO and memory. When we deploy queries that are not optimized for the cloud, they usually lead us to either upgrade the cloud subscription model with expensive resources or extremely slow performing queries. In this session, we will focus on how we can tune our queries so when they are deployed to the cloud, they run extremely efficiently with limited resources. Developers and DBAs will receive knowledge and scripts, which they can use to immediately gain performance from their slow running queries. 

    All four experts answered questions submitted by this seasons attendees.

    Take advantage of this rare opportunity to get these renowned database gurus live on the same (virtual) stage answering  top database performance questions.

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