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Quest Database Training Days

Webcast series with Brent Ozar, Janis Griffin and Pinal Dave: Interactive Learning, Delivered by the Top Industry Experts

The biggest names in tech are providing hands-on database training – and they want you to join them, virtually, of course! Learn from renowned database experts, including Microsoft Certified Master Brent Ozar, Pinal Dave of SQL Authority and Oracle ACE Director Janis Griffin.  

Watch on-demand some of the coolest, cutting-edge presentations on SQL query optimization, SQL performance tuning, cloud migration, DevOps, open source database adoption and more. You’ll gain real-world insight into successfully planning, building and operating a modern database environment. You’ll also see how to overcome your biggest database pain points ― and have a lot of fun along the way. By the end of this insight-packed series, you’ll have a seriously impressive skill set!

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Every new release of SQL Server brings a load of new features you can add to your database management arsenal to increase efficiency. SQL Server 2019 has introduced many new features and Pinal Dave of SQL Authority will show you how to maximize them in this special session. 

Here’s a glimpse of the SQL Server features Pinal will cover:

  • Adaptive query plans 
  • Batch mode adaptive join
  • New cardinality estimates for optimal performance 
  • Adaptive query processing 
  • Indexing improvements 
  • Introduction to automatic tuning 
  • Batch mode for rowstore storage 
  • Accelerated database recovery 

This on demand session will provide invaluable guidance to help any DBA or developer who wants to get a jump start on SQL Server 2019 and its new features.

On Demand



Query tuning is key to peak performance in SQL Server databases. However, lots of developers and DBAs constantly struggle to pinpoint the root cause of performance issues and spend way too much time trying to fix them. In this on demand session, I will share my tried and true best practices for tuning SQL statements and other issues by utilizing Wait Time Analysis, reviewing execution plans and using SQL diagramming techniques. In addition, I’ll go over several case studies to demonstrate these best practices. 

Regardless of the complexity of your database or your skill level, this systematic approach will lead you down the correct SQL performance tuning path with no guessing, saving countless hours of tuning queries and optimizing performance of your SQL Server databases. 

You’ll learn how to: 

Effectively use wait types to quickly identify bottlenecks and get clues on the best tuning approach 
Quickly identify inefficient operations through review of query execution plans 
Easily apply SQL diagramming techniques to find the best execution plan 


On Demand



If you get into a car, how do you know if the car is fast or not? You hold down the gas pedal, and you time how long it takes before you're breakin' the law. 

Now what about SQL Server: how do you know if yours is fast...or a clunker? Database performance tuners need to know three metrics about their SQL Server: how fast it's going, how hard it's working, and how big it is. Brent Ozar will explain where to get those numbers, and what normal ranges are. You'll learn why advice is so different, depending on the kind of server you're driving.

On Demand



For years, you've heard that you're supposed to reorganize your indexes to make SQL Server go faster. It sounds like it makes sense - keep things in order, right? But you keep doing it, and SQL Server isn't getting any faster. You've even heard that setting fill factor will help prevent fragmentation, and you're doing that too - but your indexes still keep getting fragmented every day, and users aren't happy with SQL performance. This advice made a lot of sense at the turn of the century, but today, things are different - and we're not just talking solid state drives. In just the first 15 minutes, you'll have a series of ah-ha moments when you realize that your daily index maintenance jobs might just be making the problem worse instead of better. Then, you'll learn what you need to do instead.

This on-demand session is for people responsible for the care and feeding of production SQL Servers. You don't have to have the word "DBA" in your job title - you just have to be the one responsible.

On Demand



You've been hearing about all these robots that are coming to take your job. They're going to automate all the SQL performance tuning and make your life way easier, right? Or harder, I guess...since you'll be looking for a job. Thing is, most of that is just plain old marketing hype that Microsoft is using, trying to sell your management on upgrading to newer versions or moving to the cloud. In this on demand session, Brent Ozar will blow the marketing smoke away, show you these features in action, and show you which ones are ready for prime time. You'll walk away better equipped to have conversations with management about why you should (or shouldn't) upgrade, and how you can use these features not just to stay employed, but have a better career.

On Demand



Oracle 19c brings us a very powerful new feature for index management called 'Automatic Indexes'. Automatic indexing requires very little effort from a DBA as it automates the creation, tests the validity and performance of indexes, removes obsolete or redundant ones, and continuously monitors their usage. 

In this on demand webcast, Janis Griffin will discuss all the components of automatic indexes and what they do.

You will further learn how to enable/disable automatic indexing, control it at the schema-level, and see several examples of automatic indexes in action. Finally, several system views and the activity report will be shown.   

On Demand



Performance tuning can be complex. It's often hard to know which knob to turn or button to press to get the biggest performance boost. 

In this on demand presentation, Janis Griffin, System Consultant at Quest Software, will detail 5 steps to quickly identify performance issues and resolve them. 

Watch this on demand session to learn how to:

  • Quickly fine tune a SQL statement 
  • Identify performance inhibitors to help avoid future performance issues
  • Recognize and understand how new Oracle features can change and/or support different execution plans

On Demand



Hold on to your hats as two powerhouses of the SQL Server world come together on one virtual stage to answer your top database performance questions. Anything could happen! These two are:

  • The Fred and George Weasley of the database wizarding world, always ready with a quip, explosion or skiving snackbox…
  • The Kirk and Spock of the SQL Server universe, ready to boldly go where no one has gone before…
  • The Batman and Robin of performance tuning, with an endless utility belt of database tools…

You get the picture.

Tune in for this one-of-a-kind opportunity to get advice and real-world insight from industry-leading experts, Brent Ozar, Microsoft Certified Master and Pinal Dave, SQL Server Performance Tuning Expert.

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