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Quest KACE Cloud Companion

Quest KACE Cloud Companion



  • Date:Jun. 10, 2024
  • Time: 10:00 AM – 11:00 AM CEST
  • Location:Webcast
  • Event:Online
Quest KACE Cloud Companion

Cloud-based endpoint and server management software solution without the enrollment prerequisite.

Introducing KACE Cloud Companion Edition: the perfect addition to your existing enrollment-based solutions like Microsoft Intune or VMWare Workspace One. Whether you're grappling with remote device management or seeking to enhance your current endpoint management system, KACE Cloud Companion is here to bridge the gaps.

Say goodbye to OS patch management woes, 3rd party application updates, server management headaches, and software deployment hassles. Our enterprise-grade SaaS Cloud platform delivers it all, making it a must-have for anyone enrolled in an MDM solution or exploring options for their business needs.

Attending a KACE Cloud Companion webcast equips you with insights into integrating cloud-based endpoint and server management solutions seamlessly. You'll learn strategies to enhance existing IT infrastructures, streamline operations, and bolster security, ensuring efficient management of endpoints while mitigating risks. 

Sven Hain - Sales Engineer Quest Unified Endpoint Management

Sven has worked in IT for over 15 years and has been a Sales Engineer with Quest since 2019. He has worked with KACE products for more than eight years. At his previous company, Sven was a senior consultant for KACE products, conducted training, provided technical expertise at events and managed software implementations. When he's not working with customers on solutions to solve their problems, he's a volunteer fireman in his hometown.

Edwin Stuiver - Partner Manager Quest Unified Endpoint Management

Ed started his career as security expert Symantec working with customers who really messed up their systems. After Symantec, he scaled up rapidly helping Systems Management specialist on Technology literally managing 100.000’s of client systems. After moving back to the Netherlands, he joined the Software team of Dell Technologies. He has been the architect behind some of the most successful software go to market strategies. In 2022, he joined the Quest Software team to once again, helping customers to protect their end points and make sure they stay away from the dark side.