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Quest & One Identity Norwegian User Group

Quest & One Identity Norwegian User Group



  • Date:Feb. 3, 2022
  • Time: 11:00 AM – 5:30 PM CET
  • Location:Scandic Solli Hotell, Oslo
Quest & One Identity Norwegian User Group

Join Quest and One Identity for a series of informative and networking meetings focusing on various key topics while also providing the opportunity to exchange experiences, create networks and collaborate across our customers based on current demands and market trends.

Our first meeting will cover the following topic:

Cloud-based infrastructure has enabled your employees to be productive from anywhere on any device. This has driven the need for seamless access to business data to get the job done. Traditional security models assume each user and device inside the network you can trust - but it puts your infrastructure at risk. When a user is inside your perimeter, they have almost unlimited access to everything. This means that your data is vulnerable to anyone who can access the network, system or applications involved. Do you have an overview and a clear strategy for how you want to protect the company's assets and ensure a security baseline that is in line with the actual threat picture?

What you will learn

Session 1: How Fundamentals of Best Practice within IAM will help you Achieve Business Value in terms of ZeroTrust
Zero Trust eliminates vulnerable, static and excessive access in favor of real time rights delegation for the identity of today. But as we continue invest in IAM, cloud and automation, the nature of identity security is evolving. Attend this lively session to learn perspectives on how to better understand your identity perimeter and return more from your IAM investment with Zero Trust automation.

Session 2: Protection and Recovery of the AD/AAD Identities in a ZeroTrust context
Identities and Identity stores are fundamental and key to business operations. AD and Azure AD are the most common identity stores and control access for most corporations today. While hardening, tiering models and Privileged access management are key elements in a security strategy, you still need to have a solid recovery plan should the identity stores or identities get corrupted or compromised.  We will discuss key use cases for recovery in AD and Azure AD and inspire on the importance of recovery in relation to these.

Do not miss an exciting day and evening event, where you have the possibility to expand your network and share experiences with some of Norway's most recognized organizations.

We hope to see you on Thursday February 3rd at the Scandic Hotel Solli Oslo centrum.


  • 11.00 Arrival & Registration
  • 11.30 Lunch
  • 12.30 Keynote Session 1
  • 14.00 Break
  • 14.30 Keynote Session 2
  • 16.00 Open Discussion
  • 17.30 Dinner & Networking


In attendance will be:

  • Kim Flygenring
  • Geir Aasen
  • Alan Radford
  • John Waghorne
  • Steffan Bloch