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TEC Talk Series 2023

The Experts Conference (TEC) is THE resource to keep up with the latest information in the Microsoft IT space. But you don’t necessarily have to travel to one of our global, in-person events to get the advanced, practical Active Directory and Microsoft 365 education TEC is known for. Our 2023 TEC Talk series gives you an opportunity to expand your knowledge, and get a taste of The Experts Conference, from the comfort of your desk. Whether you’re looking for information on Microsoft 365 administration, Active Directory security, or Teams migrations, our TEC Talk series is sure to deliver the critical answers you need.

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Time: 11:00 AM EST
Location: Microsoft Teams

Microsoft 365 security is a big space, ranging from Azure AD to individual workload features like RBAC for Applications. It’s hard to keep on top of every single lever that controls different security capabilities available in the basic Office 365 licenses or add-on Microsoft products.

In this session, Tony Redmond, Microsoft Office Apps & Services MVP and Consultant, covers five areas where he thinks many Microsoft 365 tenants can improve their security posture, including:

  • Protecting every account with multi-factor authentication and conditional access policies.
  • Ensuring apps use exactly the permissions they need and no more.
  • Securing sensitive information against unauthorized access, and more.


Tony Redmond runs his own consulting company and is the lead author for the Office 365 for IT Pros eBook. He is also Editorial Director of Tony is a frequent conference speaker, blending a mixture of executive and technological insight into the topics he covers.




Time: 11:00 AM EST
Location: Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams tenant-to-tenant migrations can be particularly challenging to plan and run, with workloads sprawling across vast data sources.

To ensure a smooth and successful migration, there are a few key elements to consider, from preparing the target environment to identifying your order of operations.

In this session, M365 administrators will learn how to become a Teams hero by overcoming the most frustrating elements of a Teams migration. Randy Rempel, Quest’s Principal Product Manager, and Sofya Serna Perez, Quest’s Software Presales Engineer, discuss:

  • Key actions to take to ensure a successful Teams migration.
  • The most frequent and the most disruptive Teams migration issues.
  • Common misconceptions surrounding Teams migrations.


Randy is a seasoned IT professional with decades of experience, currently serving as a Principal Product Manager at Quest. He is dedicated to delivering solutions that empower customers and partners to achieve their desired business outcomes.

Sofya, Software Presales Engineer at Quest, is a seasoned expert in collaboration, boasting over a decade of experience in Microsoft Platform solutions. Her extensive skill set includes building custom software and solutions, executing migrations, providing IT consulting, delving into business analytics and administering Microsoft collaboration environments for enterprise-level clients.




Time: 11:00 AM EST
Location: Microsoft Teams

Active Directory is over twenty years old – ancient in terms of technology. Yet it still serves as the primary authentication source for over 90% of enterprises. Even for organizations that are moving more and more to Azure AD, attackers are gaining access to cloud environments because as Alex Weinert, Vice President of Microsoft Identity Security, said in his TEC 2022 keynote, “on-premises is where we’re being attacked.”

In this TEC Talk, Michael Van Horenbeeck, Microsoft Certified Solutions Master, discusses:

  • How Active Directory is being used and abused
  • How to modernize and secure your Active Directory
  • How you can reduce and secure your attack surface


Michael Van Horenbeeck is the CEO at The Collective. He is also a Microsoft Certified Solutions Master (MCSM) and Azure Threat Protection MVP from Belgium – one of the few people in the world to hold both the coveted certification and award at the same time. He is a dynamic tech enthusiast and focuses on Security and Identity Management, with a history in Messaging and Collaboration.  

You can find Michael on Twitter and LinkedIn, and follow his ramblings through his company's website.