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Toad® Talks 2021

Get personalized tech advice from industry experts in our Toad® Talks series

Join interactive sessions led by Julie Hyman and John Pocknell

Julie Hyman and John Pocknell are teaming up to help you overcome your biggest IT obstacles. Through 30-minute discussions, that include time for Q&A, you’ll receive guidance to navigate your specific tech challenges and reach your goals.

Julie and John will discuss:

  • Real-world challenges around cost savings and business value
  • IT transformation projects  
  • Cloud optimization
  • Data operations
  • Data provisioning
  • Data security
  • Performance tuning
  • And more

This series will equip you with the strategies you need to simplify your work, reduce risk and gain more confidence with emerging technologies.

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Need to report on data from a variety of sources, including Snowflake, the popular cloud-based data warehouse? It’s easy with Quest® Toad® Data Point v5.6.
In this webcast, you’ll see how our latest release empowers business users to easily access, prepare and report on data from 50+ data sources.
You’ll also see how integration with Quest® Toad® Intelligence Central streamlines and improves data sharing and collaboration.

Our product experts will show you how to:

  • Use an intuitive interface with simple, graphical workflows to pull together your own data sets and reports when you need them
  • Eliminate the need for SQL expertise or help from technical resources
  • Simplify, speed and secure the provisioning of data to different parts of your business, so it doesn't go stale
  • Get preprepared data sets for reporting and advanced analytics
  • Connect to all your platforms, including Google Analytics, SFDC, OBIEE​, MongoDB, Amazon DynamoDB, Cassandra​, Snowflake and more
  • Improve data sharing and provisioning
  • Build cross-platform queries and diagrams​ easily
  • Simplify data cleansing, transformation and profiling

Attendees of the live session will get a special code to save US$500 on Toad Intelligence Central.

On Demand



Join your favorite Toad® by Quest® experts, Julie Hyman and John Pocknell, as they reveal the top three reasons why you’ll want a Toad for Oracle Xpert Plus subscription. This new offering is our most powerful Toad subscription yet, promising to dramatically simplify your work, reduce risk and take your productivity to the next level.

But if you’re getting along just fine with another Toad product or subscription, you may be wondering, “Why should I consider a Toad for Oracle Xpert Plus Subscription?” Julie and John will show you, revealing the unrivaled combination of features it includes to make your workdays easier than ever.

You’ll see how it can help you:

  • Compare and sync multiple schemas, run database health checks and maximize visibility across your hybrid Oracle database environment
  • Improve workload performance and minimize cloud spend by automatically rewriting poorly executing SQL statements
  • Protect personal and sensitive data to ensure compliance with GDPR, CCPA and other data privacy regulations

Julie and John will also go over cool functionality in our other Toad subscription offerings, providing a great comparison to help you select the right edition for your needs. No matter which offering you chose, you can’t go wrong with a Toad subscription – the most affordable and convenient option for individual Toad users.

On Demand



If you’re using Quest® Toad® for SQL Server, you’ll love ApexSQL® by Quest®. In this Toad Talks session, product experts Julie Hyman and John Pocknell will discuss how ApexSQL tools streamline and simplify tasks related to SQL Server Management Studio, Azure, DevOps, moving to the cloud and more.  

You’ll see how ApexSQL makes it easy to:

  • Orchestrate CI/CD workflows for your SQL Server database operations
  • Manage SQL Server sprawl, anticipate vulnerabilities, maximize availability and accelerate recovery 
  • Automate recurring tasks at scale
  • Keep data, schema and code in sync across all environments
  • Audit, secure, mask and manage data

On Demand



With business users typically spending 80% of their time on data prep, it can be a challenge to quickly build the data sets you need, especially as more companies look to increase the democratization of their data and shorten its time-to-value.

But it doesn’t have to be that way.

Watch our webinar to learn how, using Toad Data Point Workbook and Toad Intelligence Central, business users can independently:

  • Access data from multiple sources
  • Query and report on data simply and effectively
Securely share current, accurate data sets with other parts of the organization

On Demand



This 30-minute session will provide a brief history on the Toad licensing models, in particular the definition of a user versus seat options, as well as new subscription offerings.

Julie and John will also cover the importance of keeping licenses and maintenance up to date.

What you will learn

  • Toad licensing models and definitions
  • New subscription offerings
  • The importance of keeping licenses and maintenance up to date

On Demand



Organizations are increasingly embracing cloud services to help reduce operational costs. However, using cloud database services can often result in overspend and wastage, so it’s even more important to optimize your Oracle database workload performance.

DBAs and developers who are familiar with using Toad for their on-premises Oracle databases may be unsure of how or why they should continue to use Toad with their cloud databases. After all, moving to the cloud shouldn’t require a dramatic shift in the way you use Toad to do your job.

But with the guidance in this session, you’ll easily handle Oracle development, SQL tuning, workload performance testing, administration, management and ongoing maintenance – in the cloud.

Experts Julie Hyman and John Pocknell show why it’s even more important to continue using Toad for Oracle with cloud-based Oracle databases to ensure optimal use of cloud resources and keep costs under control.

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