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University empowers users with self-service analytics

As I was looking for a good self-service BI tool, I realized pretty quickly that the Toad Data Point had everything we needed.

Rebekah Anderson, Director of Business Intelligence, Concordia University

Concordia University runs on information and succeeds with timely and accurate reporting. Their Business intelligence (BI) team must track a variety of student data from multiple sources. Their disparate systems resulted in reporting delays and inaccuracies. Concordia needed a solution that put data collection in the users’ hands and automated reporting resulting in faster, more accurate information and better business intelligence.
Read this case study to learn how Concordia University used Toad® Data Point to:

  • Save hundreds of hours on report creation.
  • Increase report accuracy to reduce regulatory liability. 
  • Empower departments and vendors to access BI on demand. 
  • Improve data visibility, decision making and collaboration. 

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Toad Data Point

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