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An Admins Guide to Secure and Efficient Microsoft Teams Management

An Admins Guide to Secure and Efficient Microsoft Teams Management
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  • Date enregistrée:Sept. 21, 2021
  • Événement:a la demande
An Admins Guide to Secure and Efficient Microsoft Teams Management

Microsoft 365 continues to grow, accelerated evermore by the events in the world over the last two years. Due to that growth, Teams has exploded as well. However, that growth also leads to some challenges, especially for those managing and administering the platform. It could be the challenge of the growth itself leading to Teams sprawl. Or maybe it's with cleaning up duplicate Teams, Teams that were used but are no longer needed, or the inevitable Team that was never even used.

Moving beyond just managing the growth, companies find themselves in a position of needing to understand other Microsoft 365 services and moving between several admin centers to manage different aspects of Teams. It could be SharePoint for working with files and lists, or Teams itself for dealing with permissions. In addition, an understanding of Azure AD and the Microsoft 365 admin center for managing permissions and group management is often required.

In this webinar, we provide some of our favorite tips and guidance to help you best manage Microsoft Teams. You'll walk away from this with:

  • Strategies for managing Teams Sprawl
  • Tips for keeping track of and organizing Teams
  • Ways to use PowerShell more efficiently in your Teams Management


  • Ben Stegink, Owner and Chief Cloud Consultant, Intelligink
  • Vance Forbush, Strategic Systems Architect, Quadrotech

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