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Conquer Pressing Data Preparation Challenges to Become Data Driven

a la demande
  • Date enregistrée:May 28, 2020
  • Événement:a la demande

For an organization to be truly data-driven, all departments need access to the data that informs smart decisions. But there are challenges across the board when it comes to preparing data for analysis.

In this on demand webcast, product manager Julie Hyman will provide some insight into overcoming common data preparation challenges, such as:

  • Grappling with too many data sources, deciding which ones to use and how to pull the data
  • Juggling too many tools and reconciling multiple data outputs
  • Replacing inefficient manual processes
  • Scaling a data preparation function with limited IT resources
Tune in to learn about an affordable and effective self-service data prep approach to conquer these challenges so your organization can become data-driven.