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Extra Vigilance: Top 3 Ways to Adapt Your Security Log Monitoring for the Surge in Working from Home

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  • Date enregistrée:May 7, 2020
  • Événement:a la demande

With the rapid increase of employees working from home, you will need to throw out your old baseline of normal audit activity – especially on the network plane. Users are working on insecure home networks and devices, and connecting to cloud collaboration tools more frequently, which means you need to beef up your security monitoring to adapt to the new risks.

With cyber criminals trying to take advantage of all these changes, you’ll need to act fast.

Watch this on-demand webcast led by Active Directory security expert Randy Franklin Smith and discover:

  • How to determine new apps being employed by users
  • Growing blind spots tied to the work-from-home surge
  • How to keep up with increased cloud usage and resource sharing with external users
  • Why auditing Office 365, SharePoint Online and Teams is more important than ever
  • And more 


  • Randy Franklin Smith, UltimateWindowsSecurity.com
  • Brian Hymer, Quest Software