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Protecting Microsoft Office 365 with NetVault

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  • Date enregistrée:Sept. 2, 2019
  • Événement:a la demande

If you think your Office 365 data is automatically protected, think again. Sure, Microsoft may host the infrastructure, but it doesn’t offer the levels of data protection needed to satisfy your demanding data protection, disaster recovery and compliance goals.

Watch this on-demand demo to see how NetVault delivers comprehensive Office 365 data protection.

For Exchange Online:

  • Back up and restore user mailboxes from Exchange Online to any cloud, disk or tape-based storage target
  • Perform search and discovery of protected files and emails
  • Restore individual email and files
  • Restore emails to specific folders in Outlook

For OneDrive:

  • Back up and restore data from OneDrive user and group files and folders to any cloud, disk or tape-based storage target