5 Ways to Improve Hybrid Active Directory Auditing

5 Ways to Improve Hybrid Active Directory Auditing
  • 録画日:Jun. 18, 2020
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5 Ways to Improve Hybrid Active Directory Auditing

Just because your hybrid Active Directory (AD) environment is secure today doesn’t mean it will be tomorrow. Detecting threats can be incredibly difficult and bad actors are getting more sophisticated every day. But there are ways you can spot suspicious or problematic activity if you know what to look for.

Watch this on-demand webcast and explore five (and maybe more) ways to improve Hybrid AD and Azure AD auditing using the latest features released in Change Auditor and On Demand Audit. 

Discover how to: 

  • Alert when a Kerberos Golden Ticket is used for authentication   
  • Detect applications that are still using less secure NTLM authentications
  • Search and investigate Azure AD user, group, configuration and role changes
  • View all AD logons/logoffs, Azure AD sign-ins and Office 365 activity together in On Demand Audit, a SaaS dashboard with rich data visualization and long-term storage  



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