Asset Management Made Easy

Asset Management Made Easy
  • 録画日:Dec. 6, 2018
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Asset Management Made Easy

Are you tasked with adding a new Chromebook for every person in your organization? That’s great for your IT budget in the long run, but it also means your team has that many more devices to manage. Most IT departments already struggle to keep track of and secure the current number of devices connecting to their network systems.

Watch ITPro Today contributor Eric Rux along with Ken Galvin and Jody Evans of Quest Software in this on-demand webcast discussion on how to unify your endpoint management tasks using KACE solutions for better asset integration and greater security.

You’ll learn about:

  • Common asset management pain points
  • Chromebook management and inventory
  • General IT asset management best practices
  • Software license management
  • Patch management and security
  • Software distribution


  • Eric Rux - IT Pro Today contributor
  • Ken Galvin - Sr. Product Manager
  • Jody Evans - Product Manager



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