Five Office 365 Management Challenges You Can Solve Today

5 Quick Tips For O365 Management
  • 録画日:Jun. 30, 2021
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5 Quick Tips For O365 Management

In your ever-evolving Office 365 environment, the next challenge never stops.  Your next help desk ticket. Your next security threat. Your next compliance audit. Potentially even your next merger or acquisition.

Microsoft does have built-in tools for Office 365 management — and yes they’re free — but most Office 365 users tell us is that there is a significant gap in capability between what is provided by native tools and what is needed to manage Office 365 successfully and to its full potential. Ultimately, the lack of a single dashboard across multiple tenants, hybrid workloads and 15+ admin portals makes it hard to maintain a rapid pace of change.

Join this webcast where Quest strategic systems consultant Ghazwan Khairi will discuss five very common Office 365 management challenges you can solve today with Quest On Demand and Quadrotech Nova, including:

  • Recovery of Azure AD objects
  • Hybrid AD auditing and anomaly detection
  • License management and optimization
  • Teams usage and adoption reporting
  • Delegation of management tasks


Ghazawan Khairi - Quest, Strategic Systems Consultant