Healthcare M&A Best Practices — How to Restructure Active Directory with ZeroIMPACT

  • 録画日:Mar. 1, 2017
  • イベント:録画版

Market and regulatory changes, such as the Affordable Care Act, are fueling a historic period of consolidation in the healthcare sector. Independent health systems are struggling to survive on their own due to reduced payouts, driving healthcare mergers, acquisitions and divestitures at a rapid pace. According to Thomson Reuters, healthcare M&A deals totaled $672.9 billion during 2015, which was a 71 percent increase over 2014.

Any healthcare M&A requires a consolidation of IT systems and underlying infrastructures, such as Active Directory (AD), and no migration is as complex or as critical as an AD consolidation. That’s because AD is the center of the IT infrastructure, as it controls access to mission-critical applications like Epic and other EHR systems.

In healthcare, the stakes of AD migrations go up. Most M&A projects have a hard deadline and add serious pressure on the IT staff to finish on time — or early. Downtime and data loss are unacceptable. It’s not just about losing money or productivity — patients’ lives may depend on responsive IT systems.

In this on-demand webcast, we’ll explore:

  • Best practices for reducing risk and avoiding disruption during AD migrations
  • Ways to improve security, ensure compliance and simplify AD consolidations
  • Integration processes that can help carefully manage your project before, during and after the actual merger


  • Joe Tobias, Product Expert, Quest
  • Ron Robbins, Product Manager, Quest