How to Transfer PST Files to Office 365

How to transfer PST Files to Office 365
  • 録画日:Oct. 28, 2021
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How to transfer PST Files to Office 365

PST Files haven’t been necessary for over a decade. Even with overwhelming evidence of security & compliance risks piling up against PSTs, many enterprises continue to use them.

The need to migrate PST data to Office 365 to improve security and upgrade the user experience has never been greater, with hybrid environments leaving data increasingly vulnerable.

In this on-demand webinar, former Exchange Administrator-turned-PST migration expert Mike Weaver covers:

  • How to locate all PST files on your network
  • What network/throughput considerations to plan for
  • How to ensure a happy end-user experience during & post-migration
  • The new features/capabilities of PST Flight Deck 9.0

Speaker: Mike Weaver - Product Management Consultant, Quest



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