The role of the DBA in 2023

The role of the DBA in 2023
  • 録画日:Mar. 9, 2023
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The role of the DBA in 2023

On-demand webinar: The role of the DBA in 2023 – changes, challenges and opportunities


Business and technology trends are reshaping the role of the DBA. The increase in remote work, digital transformation projects, the cloud and automation are all having a significant impact on database professionals.

Meanwhile, the size and complexity of data environments continue to grow. This means DBAs must support more database workloads, more database deployments and new types of data and databases.

All these changes and growing responsibilities are putting serious pressure on DBAs. Keeping up with a constantly evolving environment while fighting fires and meeting the demand for smart, agile and scalable IT is creating new challenges.

That’s why DBTA hosted this special roundtable webinar. Watch experts discuss the latest database trends and how solutions from Quest® can help.

You’ll see how the right toolsets empower DBAs, making their jobs more manageable and reducing risk. You’ll also discover how Quest solutions can solve skills shortages to help companies do more with less. 

Get free trials of Quest® solutions for your database management initiative. These freebies will help you migrate, monitor and manage your databases. Plus, easily access data and create data models



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