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Appliance Architecture

Get the systems management appliance advantage

KACE Appliance Architecture

KACE appliances offer a smarter endpoint systems management approach that saves your organization time and money. KACE solutions use a pre-integrated bundle of operating environment and application software via a dedicated server appliance. This appliance-based architecture enables you to plug KACE solutions into an existing network where they begin functioning immediately.

Benefit from a complete solution that’s fully integrated from metal to function. Each layer has been designed to work exclusively with and leverage the purpose-built services of its adjacent layers to maximize its performance, reliability and ease of use.

Appliance Benefits

Appliance architecture
Focuses on automating deployment and maintenance of the solution — and enables you to concentrate on the completion of actual management operations. The net effect is breakthrough efficiency, economy and dependability.
Pre-integrated bundle
Operation system and application software in a dedicated server appliance helps you fulfill your endpoint systems management needs — from initial systems deployment to ongoing management and retirement.
Flexible deployment options
Allow you to use KACE products as on-premises physical or virtual appliances, or as a hosted option. You don’t need to contend with hardware or software infrastructure prerequisites, open-ended professional services engagements, disruptive offsite training or custom integration costs.
Pre-tuned, hardened and self-monitoring
Solutions that include layers for application services, distributed management, common management services and hardware- and software-based platforms promote superior scalability, greater performance, higher usability and faster deployments.