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Fast Return on Investment

Achieve rapid ROI on your systems management investment

Unlike legacy enterprise-software solutions that can take months to deploy or point solutions that lack integration, KACE appliances are fast to deploy and provide valuable information such as accurate hardware and software inventory almost immediately. More than half of KACE customers say their KACE appliance was fully deployed in less than two weeks, and over three quarters saw ROI in six months or less.* The KACE easy-to-use ROI calculator lets you see how quickly your KACE appliance will pay for itself.


Comprehensive integrated systems management

Instead of purchasing, installing, learning and maintaining multiple point solutions or struggling with costly over-featured software suites, KACE provides a single, integrated approach that handles virtually all of your systems-management challenges.

"We were using about seven different products to perform the inventory, imaging and remote system management that we now perform with just the KACE SMA and KACE SDA."
- Michael Carter, Network Administrator, San Bernardino County Superintendent of Schools

Task automation

The KACE appliance creates a substantial reduction in the amount of time you would normally spend on routine but essential tasks such as inventory, patching, software distribution and updates, which is especially critical for organizations with limited staff and IT budgets. The KACE appliance often enables you to automate tasks that would typically require another full-time administrator.

"“The KACE Systems Management Appliance is helping us resolve issues with technicians’ machines faster, supporting significant service improvements for customers."- Brian Hall, Network System Engineer, BCS

User support and policy enforcement

The KACE appliance reduces downtime by eliminating the need to have users surrender their computers to apply fixes or updates. By managing computer settings and security safeguards in a policy-based fashion, you’ll see an increased level of user satisfaction, often without service desk involvement.

"We expect personnel to work more productively because they don't have to call us over IT problems thanks to the KACE Appliances."- Roman Breitling, Head of IT, ADAC Nordbayern e.V.

Remote imaging, management and administration

Eliminating days and weeks of travel time for your IT administrators can save thousands annually, especially for geographically diverse organizations. Through remote imaging, management and administration, the KACE appliance virtually eliminates the need for IT administrators to incur travel time to accomplish deployment and maintenance tasks.

"When traveling between sites, we can still gain access to our IT infrastructure through the KACE appliances. We have the tools to manage environments remotely and keep systems highly available."- Matthew Fanning, Lead VR Technician, Coal Services

Software license management

The KACE appliance can save your organization thousands of dollars annually by helping you to more efficiently allocate licenses and renegotiate licenses fees. Instead of over-subscribing to ensure compliance, you can more accurately negotiate license contracts and avoid fines by understanding exactly which software is installed and in use.

"Now, with the KACE SMA, we can generate a report in an hour that tells us how many licences and which versions of software we have."- Stephane Gros, IT Manager, Ipanema Technologies

KACE appliance ROI calculator

More than 75 percent of KACE customers who evaluated ROI say the KACE appliance paid for itself in six months or less.* To calculate the annual savings your organization can realize with the KACE appliance, simply complete the information in the ROI calculator and hit submit. And read what industry analyst EMA had to say when they compared KACE to the leading competitors: “KACE appliances equal or exceed the functionality of their competitors across most disciplines. Yet…cost significantly less than their primary competitors.”**

*2014 KACE Customer Survey

**Best Practices in Lifecycle Management: Comparing Suites from Dell, LANDesk, Microsoft, and Symantec: An ENTERPRISE MANAGEMENT ASSOCIATES (“EMA”) White Paper. Prepared for Dell, Revised February 2015.