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TEC Talks: Migration and Modernization

Watch these online training webinars to explore migration best practices and avoid common pitfalls.

Do you have a migration or consolidation project on your plate? You're not alone! These migration & modernization TEC Talks are here to support you.

Whether you're seeking information on Microsoft 365 tenant-to-tenant migrations, ensuring security throughout the migration, or handling consolidations arising from mergers or acquisitions, these on-demand TEC Talk webinars provide the in-depth knowledge from renowned Microsoft MVPs, industry experts and of course, your IT peers. Delve into subjects such as best practices for migration preparation, strategies to steer clear of common challenges, conducting thorough security assessments, and ensuring a smooth and timely migration process.

tectalk 2024

Top Ten Actions to Take in Your Teams Migration

Tenant-to-tenant migrations for Microsoft Teams are very challenging to plan, but this TEC Talk will explore guidelines to make it easier, including a solid checklist.
tectalks 2024

TEC Talk Tenant to Tenant Power BI Migrations The Next Frontier

If you’re responsible for migrating workspaces and reports in Power BI, this TEC Talk is a must! Don't miss this opportunity to gain the knowledge you need for a successful migration.
tec talk 2024

Migrating T2T with Native Tools

Microsoft is developing solutions to perform native tenant-to-tenant migrations without third-party tools. In this TEC Talk, we explore these options and review pros and cons.
Tectalks 2024

Active Directory Modernization - A Journey to a Secure and Flexible Identity Infrastructure

A minor security breach to Active Directory can affect an entire enterprise. This TEC Talk explores ways you can cut time, cost and risk of managing an AD environment.
TecTalk 2024

Preparing for a Transition from Active Directory to Entra ID

When transitioning from Active Directory to Entra ID, it’s vital to understand migration complexities. This TEC Talk explores transition scenarios, security considerations and more.