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Case Study: Financial firm moves to better replication for database protection

If you want to solve your replication issues in a timely and effective manner with a high confidence of actually succeeding in your project initiatives, SharePlex is the best solution on the market.

Patrick Smith, Senior Database Administrator, EPX

EPX offers 24x7 transaction processing for businesses, helping minimize the cost of large-volume transaction processing. On average, EPX processes about 2 million financial transactions per day. With so much data passing through its systems every day, implementing a reliable, flexible database replication solution was imperative.

Read this case study to see why EPX chose Shareplex for its:

  • Ease of implementation
  • Built-in verification features
  • Award-winning, 24x7 customer support
  • Low total cost of ownership

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SharePlex: software de replicación de datos para alta disponibilidad, escalabilidad e interoperabilidad

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