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Future Proof Your Databases: Securing Database Operations Across Your DevOps Infrastructure

Future Proof Your Databases: Securing Database Operations Across Your DevOps Infrastructure
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Future Proof Your Databases: Securing Database Operations Across Your DevOps Infrastructure

With all the uncertainty around Brexit, many financial services companies are looking at ways to make their businesses more agile. This is driving the need to increase the cadence and quality of their application releases while also addressing governance, risk, security and compliance.

As businesses continue to drive the adoption of DevOps methodologies, such as Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment, the need to include databases into those processes has become even more important. In many companies, the database development lifecycle has become the bottleneck in an otherwise agile delivery process. As such, database professionals are under increasing pressure to shorten delivery timelines even further, only increasing the stakes within an already high-stress, risk-averse environment. 

What is needed is an automated approach where databases operations can become a part of the DevOps pipeline, so that changes can be made and deployed quickly, together with the application – without compromising quality, reliability or performance.

Lo que aprenderá

This webcast will walk you through a real-world scenario, showing how this can easily be achieved. We’ll cover monitoring and root-cause diagnostics, problem resolution inside a DevOps workflow and data replication in a hybrid database environment. You’ll see how your goal of safely bringing database operations into the DevOps infrastructure is within your grasp.


John Pocknell - Quest Global Product Management Consultant

John is responsible for the strategy and roadmap of the Toad portfolio of products worldwide. He has been with Quest Software since 2000, working in the database design, development and deployment product areas. John has worked in I.T. for over 30 years, most of that time being based in Oracle application design and development. 

Martin Wild - Quest Principal Systems Consultant

Martin has expertise with Oracle, SQL Server, Sybase, DB2, Windows, UNIX, Linux, VMware and Hyper-V. He has worked in IT for more than 30 years and frequently presents at SQL Server events such as SQL Bits and SQL Saturdays, and Oracle user groups. 

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