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Post GDPR, Is it Too Late to Comply?

Post GDPR, Is it Too Late to Comply?
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  • Fecha de grabación:Jul. 26, 2018
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Post GDPR, Is it Too Late to Comply?

Now that the May 25, 2018 deadline for GDPR compliance has passed, all organizations who do business in the EU must comply with the regulation or face stiff penalties and damaging publicity. And this is just the beginning as we move into a world where we must act responsibly and place more importance on data security.

Are you moving in the right direction? Or will you be face repercussions for lack of compliance? Is it too late to implement a GDPR compliance strategy now?

In this on-demand webcast, we review what the first few weeks in the GDPR era looked like, analyze the global compliance status and then debate whether or not we are living in a more protected world. Find out:

  • How to take fundamental steps towards compliance now that GDPR is live
  • What data protection regulators are doing to enforce compliance
  • How to ensure that you’re able to rapidly respond to data breaches and improve your breach remediation capabilities

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