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Quantifying Potential AD Lateral Movement Exposure

Quantifying Potential AD Lateral Movement Exposure
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  • Fecha de grabación:May 17, 2018
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Quantifying Potential AD Lateral Movement Exposure

Attackers have proven far too successful at using an end-user account to laterally moving along until they gain privileged credentials — and then they can do whatever they want and access whatever they want.

Preventive control technologies, like strong authentication, privileged password management and red forest (ESAE), are rightly getting a lot of attention, but preventive control is just one important layer of privileged access security.

In this on-demand webcast, security experts Randy Franklin Smith and Matthew Vinton, Quest, explore how detective control can help reinforce those preventive controls where deployed as well as compensate where they aren’t. You’ll then see how Quest Enterprise Reporter makes it easy to review permissions and adjust privileges to combat potential lateral movement.


  • Randy Franklin Smith - CTO,
  • Matthew Vinton - Strategic Systems Consultant

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