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The Cross Platform DBA: Managing Oracle and SQL Server

The Cross Platform DBA: Managing Oracle and SQL Server
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The Cross Platform DBA: Managing Oracle and SQL Server
Many businesses today are using heterogeneous database platforms. In the enterprise, this most commonly means using Oracle and Microsoft SQL Server. In this webcast, join Penton Senior Contributing Editor Michael Otey as he digs into some of the trends in today’s database industry that drive heterogeneous database adoption. He’ll examine the need to support legacy applications as well as flexibility and the need to use best-of-breed functionality – and of course, the need to reduce costs. 

Otey will also cover some common scenarios like offloading data warehousing and reporting to SQL Server from your Oracle production environments as well as moving non-mission critical systems and applications from Oracle to reduce licensing costs. He’ll give you a big picture view of some of the most important similarities and differences between SQL Server and Oracle. Both databases are fully ACID compliant, support transactional recovery and provide OLTP and data warehousing features. However, the way they implement some core features like system databases, temp databases and schemas are quite different. Finally, the audience will get a deep dive down into some of the tools that can help you work with both platforms where he’ll cover management tools, writing queries and monitoring.


Michael Otey and Kathy Gibbs

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