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A practical approach to cyber resiliency

A practical approach to cyber resiliency

How can you get ahead of the barrage of cyberattacks being perpetrated today? Think like an adversary.

For years, hackers have been using a free open-source tool called BloodHound to find the quickest way to take over an environment once they’ve breached the perimeter. Now IT teams have a tool they can rely upon to proactively map out all the attack paths that hackers could exploit — and pinpoint the remediation measures that will shut off hundreds or thousands of those attack paths at once: SpecterOps BloodHound Enterprise.  

Read this white paper to discover how attack path management works and how you can quickly implement it. You’ll also learn how to complement attack path management with other key strategies to achieve not just cyber security, but cyber resiliency.

A practical approach to cyber resiliency

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