Comparing the various editions of Asset Manager

Easily discover, track and inventory asset data
EditionAsset ManagerDiscovery Edition for ChangeBASE
License TermPerpetualPerpetual
Software License Management  
Metering (Passive Metering)  
Concurrent Usage (Active Metering)  
Software Start-up Prevention  
Advanced IT Asset Management  
Contract Management  
Connector for Active Directory  
Multiple Site Installations  
Connector for SMS 2003/SCCM 2007  
Connector to Altiris  
Connector for CitrixOptional 
Connector for VMware/Hyper-V  
Software Pattern Identification Database (SPID)  
Needs Fulfilled

Full software asset and license management

Discovery and cataloging of software that is installed in your organization along with data on how often it is used. Inventory data can be gathered by agents deployed through the product or directly from SCCM or Altiris. Used as part of an application migration project along with ChangeBASE.